2013 CBIP Fellows: Jiun-Le Shih, Haoqing Chen, Yue Li, Zhiling Zhu, Lu Yang

2014 CBIP Fellows: Te-Wei Tsai, Thien Trong, Amin Shakiba, Chalada Suebsuwong, Yongkai Huang, Yuyu Long

The College of Pharmacy has joined the CBIP program! They will contribute a list of courses. For Chemistry students, they can select at least two courses from this list and/or the list of biochemistry and biology courses to fulfill the requirement.

We will redesign the current CBIP website to facilitate its update. Check back in a few weeks for updated contents including list of CBIP seminars!
How to Apply

Requirements and procedures for Admissions to the CBIP Program

Students may be able to enter the CBIP Program through two mechanisms depending on the Home Department and the time when they express interest in the Program. The Departments may consider new graduate applicants for direct admission into the Program and/or may consider them near the end of the Fall semester. If you are a new graduate applicant interested in joining the Program, please visit the Graduate Online Application page of the Home Department for information and instructions. If you are already a graduate student and want to join the Program, please contact your Graduate Advisor.

For Biology & Biochemistry Students

Apply for Fall or Spring admission to Biochemistry or Biology graduate degree programs and specify that you want to be considered for the Chemical Biology program.

For Chemistry Graduate Students

Applications are due on November 30 of each year.


All first and second year Chemistry Graduate students are eligible to apply admission into the program.

How to Apply?

  1. Applicants are required to select a Major Advisor from the list of Chemical Biology Faculty and a Co-Advisor or Thesis Committee member from the other department, and obtain their signatures on the Application form to confirm their acceptance. You can download the form here. The form should be returned to your Department Co-Chair before the deadline.
  2. Submit the following materials through this link:
    1. The resume showing educational and research experience
    2. A project description (no more than 500 words, approved by your Major Advisor)
    3. One letter of recommendation from your Major Advisor

Application Review

The applications will be evaluated by the CBIP Fellowship Selection Committee consisting of Dr. Chengzhi Cai (Co-Director, Chemistry), Dr. Jeremy May (Chemistry), Dr. James Briggs (Co-Director, Biology & Biochemistry), and Dr. Ricardo Azevedo (Biology & Biochemistry). The award decision will be made based on the performance in coursework and research. The award decision will be announced by December 30.

Terms and Conditions of Award

Any publications or other acknowledgements should indicate that “This work was funded by the Chemical Biology Interdisciplinary Program of the University of Houston”. CBIP Fellows should submit an online report through VNet by August 15 each year. These terms of award are in addition to the CBIP students’ guidelines, including the Course Requirements.

Questions and Answers

Please send your questions to Chemistry Graduate Advisor at Answers to some common questions will be posted below in the near future.

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