2013 CBIP Fellows: Jiun-Le Shih, Haoqing Chen, Yue Li, Zhiling Zhu, Lu Yang

2014 CBIP Fellows: Te-Wei Tsai, Thien Trong, Amin Shakiba, Chalada Suebsuwong, Yongkai Huang, Yuyu Long

The College of Pharmacy has joined the CBIP program! They will contribute a list of courses. For Chemistry students, they can select at least two courses from this list and/or the list of biochemistry and biology courses to fulfill the requirement.

We will redesign the current CBIP website to facilitate its update. Check back in a few weeks for updated contents including list of CBIP seminars!
Members & Research
Steve Baldelli, Department of Chemistry
Nonlinear optics, vibrational spectroscopy, surface chemistry, electrochemistry, microscopy, batteries/fuel cells electrodes, and polymer surfaces.

Steve Bark, Department of Biology and Biochemistry

Eric Bittner, Department of Chemistry
Quantum dynamics and ultrafast processes. Spontaneous coherence and collective quantum effects. Quantum phase transitions in low dimensional systems. Note: prospective Chemistry students must either take Mathematical Physics or demonstrate strong proficiency in advanced physics and mathematics.

James M. Briggs, Department of Biology and Biochemistry, Co-Director
Computational Biochemistry/Biophysics; Computer-Aided Drug Design.

Chengzhi Cai, Department of Chemistry, Co-Direcor
Surface biofunctionalization, click chemistry for bioconjugation, synthesis of carbohydrates and peptides, biomaterials, antibacterial implants, bacteria-surface interactions, neuron-silicon interfaces.

Tai-Yen Chen, Department of Chemistry
Investigation of metal homeostasis in healthy and diseased neurons using single-molecule techniques.

Don Coltart, Department of Chemistry
Development of new organic methodology across a range of platforms including asymmetric-, organocatalytic-, and transition metal-based. Application of those methods to the total synthesis of biologically active natural products, drugs, and related compounds, and medicinal chemistry.

Greg Cuny, Department of Chemistry

Roman S. Czernuszewicz, Department of Chemistry
Vibrational spectroscopy: resonance Raman effect; bioinorganic molecule; metalloporphyrins; Raman spectro-electrochemistry and surface-enhanced Raman scattering.

Anne H. Delcour, Department of Biology and Biochemistry
Electrophysiology of Bacterial Pores

Loi Do, Department of Chemistry
Biosynthetic chemistry, particularly in areas relating to medicine and renewable fuels.

Stuart E. Dryer, Department of Biology and Biochemistry
Development and Molecular Neurobiology

George E. Fox, Department of Biology and Biochemistry
RNA Structure, Function, and Evolution

Robert Fox, Department of Biology and Biochemistry
The Physical Basis of Protein Structure and Function

Masaya Fujita, Department of Biology and Biochemistry
Microbial Development and Gene Regulation

Xiaolian Gao, Department of Biology and Biochemistry
Biological NMR of Nucleic Acids and Proteins; Microarray BIOCHIP Technologies

Scott Gilbertson, Department of Chemistry
Synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry. Development of new synthetic methods and the utilization of synthetic chemistry for the study of important biological and medical problems.

Arnold Guloy, Department of Chemistry
Solid state chemistry; synthesis of novel inorganic solids and high temperature superconductivity.

T. Randall Lee, Department of Chemistry
Chemical synthesis and self-assembly to prepare nanoscale materials (e.g., organic thin films, polymers, and nanoparticles) for use in various technological and medicinal applications.

Vassiliy Lubchenko, Department of Chemistry
Study of strongly non-equilibrium and disordered systems with applications to materials science, molecular electronics and biophysics.

Alison McDermott, College of Optometry
Anterior segment of the eye, especifically the cornea, conjuctiva and the tear film, cationic antimicrobial peptides, wound healing at the cornea, dry eye diseases.

Jeremy May, Department of Chemistry
Natural product total synthesis, development of transition metal-based synthetic methods using carbenoid and ylide-like intermediates, mechanistic elucidation, medicinal chemistry, biomolecular recognition, and drug target identification.

Ognjen Miljanic, Department of Chemistry
Supramolecular chemistry, self-sorting processes, metal-organic and covalent-organic frameworks, fluorescent sensors.

Robert Schwartz, Department of Biology and Biochemistry
Molecular Development and Drug Discovery

Randolph Thummel, Department of Chemistry
The synthesis and study of polypyridine-type ligand systems and their transition metal complexes as photosensitizers for solar energy applications and photodynamic therapy.

Yuhong Wang, Department of Biology and Biochemistry
Single molecule study of ribosome-small molecule interactions in protein biosynthesis

William R. Widger, Department of Biology and Biochemistry
Bioenergetics; Electron Transport; Photosynthesis; Cyanobacterial Genomics

Richard C. Willson, Department of Biology and Biochemistry
Biomolecular Recognition, Diagnostics and Nanobiology

Judy Wu, Department of Chemistry
Computational quantum chemistry to understand structure-property relationships that underlie hydrogen (H-) bond mediated catalyses, self-assembly, and molecular recognition processes.

Shoujun Xu, Department of Chemistry
Developing laser-detected magnetic resonance imaging. Applications of novel and conventional magnetic resonance imaging techniques in biomedicine and materials science.

Ding-Shyue (Jerry) Yang, Department of Chemistry
Ultrafast electron diffraction and surface imaging, non-equilibrium electronic and structural dynamics, photoinduced phase transitions of condensed-matter and nanostructured materials and at interfaces.

Hye-Jeong Yeo, Department of Biology and Biochemistry
Structural Molecular Biology; X-ray Crystallography

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