2013 CBIP Fellows: Jiun-Le Shih, Haoqing Chen, Yue Li, Zhiling Zhu, Lu Yang

2014 CBIP Fellows: Te-Wei Tsai, Thien Trong, Amin Shakiba, Chalada Suebsuwong, Yongkai Huang, Yuyu Long

The College of Pharmacy has joined the CBIP program! They will contribute a list of courses. For Chemistry students, they can select at least two courses from this list and/or the list of biochemistry and biology courses to fulfill the requirement.

We will redesign the current CBIP website to facilitate its update. Check back in a few weeks for updated contents including list of CBIP seminars!

The Chemical Biology Interdisciplinary Program at the University of Houston is a joint graduate training program between the Departments of Chemistry and Biology & Biochemistry. Students admitted into this program are able to craft a hybrid curriculum and will carry out interdisciplinary research. Students in the program will also benefit from a regular seminar series, student events, and an annual retreat.





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